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Reviews & Tastings

 Doubtful that desserts without dairy products or wheat can be amazing?

 Tried wheat-free, gluten-free products before and wonder if you’ll find anything tasty? 

Skeptical about what we might say about the products?  How about hearing what customers have said?

I just had my baby’s first birthday party and Shayna B’s made his very special birthday cake plus desserts for all 70 guests. It was the best decision I made for the whole party. My son has food allergies and has a very restricted diet and I was worried that he wouldn’t even be able to have a first birthday cake. Then I met Christine.


Christine was amazing to work with and faced my daunting list of ingredient no-no’s with a smile. I could not believe that she came up with such a delicious cake with so many restrictions such as no wheat, dairy, soy, strawberries, coconut, citrus, etc.  My baby loved the cake and I could relax knowing he would not be sick on his own birthday. 


The desserts for the rest of our guests were incredible and I heard rave reviews every time I turned around. It was a perfect mix of fruit tarts, chocolate and wendy’s and unfortunately for me, not much was left over once the party was over!  


Thank you Christine- you made my party and my baby’s first birthday very special for everyone. 



Plainville, CT

Thanks again for making such wonderful desserts! For someone who lived without food allergies for over 20 years and then developed them,  I often miss the wonderful treats I had when I was younger. Finding your wonderful creations is well just the best surprise I could ask for. Thanks for putting so much care and thoughfulness into your desserts so 'we' all can enjoy some treats once in a while too. 3 cheers for you! ~ Crystal, Agawam, MA

"Delicious" Faith Middleton, WNPR, the Food Schmooze

I have a sweet tooth that has no limit and when I was first diagnosed with food allergies, I thought that was the end of desserts, snacks, etc but I was amazed to find goodies that actually tasted like goodies (and not like the usual sawdust taste of most gluten free sweets).  And the amazing thing is that I would choose to eat the "wendies" and other delicious concoctions of Shayna B and the pickle even if I had no allergies. Seriously, they're that good!"  W.K.

Christine,  Just wanted to tell you that all of the baked goods were out of this world!!! Really, they are awesome. The Wendys were particularly great. I like that it has chick peas in it, makes it hardier and more a nutritious treat. Everything you make seems to be no too sweet, which is exactly what I like. We are not vegan, but I get vegetarian/vegan whenever possible b/c it is healthier and for the livestock issues as conventional farming I mean. So thanks! Loved 'em all ~ John, Canterbury, CT

Dear Chef -I bought your YNBIV chocolate cake today at Fiddleheads.  I just want to let you know how much I loved it.  Thank you so much for making a delicious vegan chocolate cake.  Hope to see you and your baked goods at Fiddleheads in the future.  Sincerely,  Moira




Good morning!! I met you this last weekend when I sampled your Wheat-Free Wendy’s. Unfortunately I only purchased ONE package and now I am totally ADDICTED to these things. I live in Meriden and wondered where I might find you again before the 8th of March in New London??? Thanks (Tracy from Meriden)   



 Share your own thoughts about how this product has made your world all the richer.  email Christine at  ~ she loves to talk baking, so any and all correspondence welcome!


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